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When was the last time you got down on the floor in your home? Really, think about it.  Was it days, weeks, months or years ago? Does the thought of getting down on the floor make you question your ability to get back up?

When we are younger we spend much time on the floor. Playing with kids, exercising, scrubbing the hard to get spots, and gardening to name a few. As our children and grandchildren grow, we modify our exercise routine, hire help to clean and switch to raised gardens our time on the ground steadily decreases. This is not always a bad thing, except for the time that we find ourselves on the floor from a trip or fall and are unable to get back up. Add a slight feeling of panic and possible injury and you have a potential disaster. It is not uncommon for people to suffer from a fall that leaves them on the floor for hours or even days.

Having a plan is a critical aspect of falls prevention. Part of this plan should consist of a planned visit to the floor every so often. Get down there and take a look around:

  • What do I have that could help me get myself back up if I fall?
  • Is there a sturdy chair in every room?
  • Are there any steps that I could boost myself onto?
  • Is there anything nearby that I could crawl to?

Next time you have visitors over that could assist you back to your feet if needed ask them to stick around for a bit. Take a look at every room of your home from the floor and even outside. Take the time to create a plan. The worst thing that could happen is you may never need to use it!

Jaime Roth, Community Outreach Coordinator at Rehab Arisces, has a Bachelor of Science degree in Health Care Administration. Jaime is a facilitator for evidenced based programs focusing on falls prevention and healthy aging and has a passion for helping people age well.