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During hunting season, falls from tree stands are common and are correlated to a high rate of neurological injury. In fact, it’s estimated 1 out of 3 hunters will experience a fall resulting in serious injury. Improper use of tree stands, poor construction, using tree stands during non- day light hours, use of alcohol, and rifle recoil are just some factors that increase fall risks.  Using simple safety tips can greatly reduce the risks of injury.

  • Never hunt from a tree stand without the use of a full body harness
  • Always have three points of contact (2 hands and 1 foot, or 2 feet and 1 hand) while climbing in/out of the tree stand
  • Check condition of tree and proper conditions of stands regularly
  • Repair tree stands regularly
  • Use a strong and sturdy safety rope to attach to both harness and tree to prevent falls more than 12 inches
  • Do not alter equipment
  • Attend a hunter’s safety course
  • Never carry equipment while you climb, use a haul line instead
  • Avoid falling asleep in tree stands
  • Be sure to let family and friends know of your tree stand location
  • Bring a fully charged cell phone

Share with the hunters in your life, and take these steps to reduce your risk of injury!

Heather Gueller, BSN, RN is the Patient Educator at the NeuroSpine Center of Wisconsin. She is detailed oriented with a passion for providing exceptional patient care. Heather has worked as a Surgical Department Charge Nurse, Neuro/Spine Lead Nurse, and Circulating Operating Room Nurse for 9 years at a Level II Trauma Hospital.