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As a Mom to two boys, I am reminded each day of the innate drive to move our bodies – that is evident from birth! As we grow older, the sedentary habits we adopt as adults become increasingly more challenging to overcome.  No matter the age bracket you find yourself in, make the choice today to take a simple step towards increased activity.

What could this look like? Perhaps today you’ll park in the far end of the grocery store lot and take a leisurely stroll rather than competing for a front row spot.  Take a look at community events and choose to attend an expo or craft fair that creates an opportunity to increase your level of activity.  Or maybe it’s as simple as making the decision to invite a neighbor to join you in taking a walk around the block.

The benefits of activity are undeniable. Perks such as improvement in mood and heart health, reduction of pain, increased social interaction, etc. are all free for the taking…just by making the choice to get out and move!

Take a moment to reflect back to the time when you just had to run and play – and each day take simple steps to steadily increase your level of activity.  Your joints, attitude, family and friends will thank you!

Tabitha Uitenbroek is a Registered Nurse and currently manages the Trauma Program at ThedaCare-Neenah. Tabitha has been working for ThedaCare for 10 years and finds great joy in ensuring that patients have access to the necessary resources to provide optimal care during their time of need.