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My dad was a wonderful human being. He was a great father, grandfather, husband, uncle, and friend to many people and organizations in this community.

As Dad grew older, he moved from home with my mother to a condo and then by himself to Touchmark (Senior Retirement Community) after my mother passed away. Dad loved his new home very much.  He started a couple card groups, served as the “Mayor” of the retirement community since he helped give tours and told people why it was a great place to live.

Dad lived there for ten years; however, it could have been longer. He was a very proud man and never wanted to use a walker or cane (since that was for old people – he was 89).  One evening before dining, he took a bad fall and never recovered.  He lived for five days; however, the fall unfortunately caused his death.  Don’t let pride get in your way – use your resources and assistive devices and embrace life!

Kathi Seifert is a local business leader, innovator, philanthropist, and advocate for community improvement.