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Age Where You Want To

My grandma was our rock, she was 90, she was strong-willed, and she was our glue.  She broke her hip but was determined to walk again and did so in six short weeks.  She cared for my 92 year old grandpa who had a number of strokes but still lived at home with her. ...

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Hunting Season Safety

During hunting season, falls from tree stands are common and are correlated to a high rate of neurological injury. In fact, it's estimated 1 out of 3 hunters will experience a fall resulting in serious injury. Improper use of tree stands, poor construction, using tree...

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Plan a Trip to the Floor

When was the last time you got down on the floor in your home? Really, think about it.  Was it days, weeks, months or years ago? Does the thought of getting down on the floor make you question your ability to get back up? When we are younger we spend much time on the...

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